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Biomarine Business Convention

Biomarine Business Convention

Biomarine Business Convention



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March - April 2014

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Features in this issue include:


Editors desk

This editorial is being written on St Davids’ day (March 1st), the patron Saint of my native Wales so the welcome in Welsh above is so apt.

I was able to escape at least temporarily escape the vicious storms that have affected large parts of England and Wales this year since Christmas causing havoc and very prolonged flooding. I attended the Aquaculture America 2014 conference in Seattle with members of my research group from Plymouth.

The weather in the Pacific North west was at least more stable, but still cold although dry. These events are very valuable for me to catch up on friends, both technical and academic, and an excellent opportunity to meet students and the next generation of aquaculture specialists. It was a pleasure again to meet Dr Aaron Watson who has now joined the South Carolina, Department of Natural Resources and who has written reports for us on several occasions.

However, I did find the trade show rather subdued this year with a noticeable lack of detail and information about products and what appeared to be scaled- down stands and fewer personnel representing organisations and industry. It is of course a very American event but I was disappointed by the degree of international attendance as this would be an excellent opportunity to forge business and create synergy between nations engaged in aquaculture.

It would certainly have been good to see a more Asian presence as Seattle is within reasonable reach of Asia and China especially. Hopefully, an improved economic up turn could lead to a more prominent event in New Orleans in 2015, where it should be a few degrees warmer for most of us. 

In our ‘spring’ issue

For this spring issue we report on a number of interesting developments in the aquaculture feed sector with news on the inclusion of animal by-products that are becoming important again in Europe.
Also we report on the algal scene with a feature entitled Microalgae and aquaculture: - feed and cycle management by Thomas Wencker, Regina Storandt, Dr Peter Waldeck (all IGV Biotech), Janine Dinske (Terra Urbana GmbH), Wilfried Lehmann (Spezialfuttermittelwerk Beeskow GmbH).

Also we feature an article entitled ‘Effect of Different Sources and Levels of some Dietary Biological Additives on Feed Utilization by Nile Tilapia Fish’ by Abdelhamid, A.M. Animal Production Deptartment, Facilty of Agriculture, Al-Mansourah University, Al-Mansourah, Egypt; and M.E.A. Seden and O.A. Zenhom, Central Laboratory for Aquaculture Research, Abbasa, Abo-Hammad, Egypt.

The ‘holistic’ approach to automation and moisture control technology in aquafeed mills by Yannks Christodoulou, President, Agentis Innovations, Bangsue, Bangkok, Thailand, complements our technology sector.

Trout focus

Our special coverage of trout as the fish focus is timely as this industry has declined so much in the UK due to financial pressures and increasing environmental constraints. This is a real pity since it’s my favourite fresh water fish for eating with a delicate flavour, quality and texture.

Indeed the Idaho trout farms in the US are well established and I tasted a lovely white fleshed fish in Seattle since in the American market dietary pigments are not commonly used for trout production.

On the other hand there is much potential for the UK aquaculture industry as a whole to expand (unless of course our Scottish cousins elect to separate in September) England and Wales may benefit from developments in land-based systems with investments in recirculation systems for novel candidate species and also a growing interest in small sector aquaponics.

Expansion towards 2020

I hope you enjoy reading this issue and keep to date with current news and features that assist your businesses and interests. Aquaculture is certainly going to expand towards 2020 with a clear need to address growing production in terms of sustainability and to meet the quality of products through better feed and health management.
International aquafeed will always endeavour to lead the way in bringing you the latest information and news coverage with professional technical input and expertise from around the world.

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International Aquafeed reflects a passion for aquafeed and excitement about new technology. Our objective is to be a respected provider of information about aquafeed in the widest sense.

Feed makes up around 70 percent of the cost of producing farmed fish. In each issue, we take an in-depth look at a wide range of technical issues associated with aquafeed production and use. We bring our readers global news about new technology and research, feed ingredients and micro-ingredients, market trends and all issues that impact on the aquafeed supply chain today and tomorrow.

We have a deep commitment to our readers and our advertisers. We believe in quality information and quality design, just as you believe in the quality of your products.



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