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Biomarine Business Convention

Biomarine Business Convention

Biomarine Business Convention



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Welcome to International Aquafeed
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May - June 2015

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Features in this issue include:


Editors desk

It’s my pleasure to write this edition’s Editorial and introduce you to a magazine with a wide variety of stories and features that will keep anyone working in the aquaculture business occupied for some time!
That sounds like a bold boast, but there are many different contributors - myself included - of whom I cannot list all here, but suffice to say I can highlight one or two that have made me stop and think about what we are trying to achieve.
Our print magazine
I’m often asked if online magazines and information online is undermining our print publications. The quote I often get is that all the information needed is available online. Well it might be so. But it is located on many and diverse servers and under many different search criteria and firewalls. If you had the time to search out this information I’d like to suggest you undertake the task as part of a university course, because along the way - and from the extended time invested - you will become qualified in the field under review!
But seriously, print magazines have a place in our industry and society in general. By their very nature they pull together, in a meaningful manner, and condense information into readable formats, ready for digestion.
Our experience shows that print numbers are forever increasing while our online content is sought out for specific purposes by readers.
Don’t expect to see International Aquafeed print edition diminish in page numbers or frequency anytime soon. In fact, quite the opposite is happening.
I must point out that it is with the support of our advertisers that gives us the resources needed to bring you this meaningful and informative package, jam-packed with technical content essential to the development of your business. Enjoy the edition and I look forward to receiving your reactions to our editorial line up, if you would be so kind to send me a note - by email!

In this issue
What caught my imagination from the following pages this month included the following:

I hope you will enjoy this edition and continue to find us an invaluable source of information in the future. Thank you

Professor Simon Davies

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International Aquafeed reflects a passion for aquafeed and excitement about new technology. Our objective is to be a respected provider of information about aquafeed in the widest sense.

Feed makes up around 70 percent of the cost of producing farmed fish. In each issue, we take an in-depth look at a wide range of technical issues associated with aquafeed production and use. We bring our readers global news about new technology and research, feed ingredients and micro-ingredients, market trends and all issues that impact on the aquafeed supply chain today and tomorrow.

We have a deep commitment to our readers and our advertisers. We believe in quality information and quality design, just as you believe in the quality of your products.



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IAF March - April 2015

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