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March April 2016

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Editors desk

Welcome to this Spring Edition of International Aquafeed for 2016. I have just returned from a 10-day working trip to the USA, where I visited California briefly and Atlanta, Georgia whilst also attending the Aquaculture 2016 event in Las Vegas on behalf of my institution, Harper Adams University in England.

There, I was able to catch up with many friends and associates in academia, industry and many technical areas; with the ever expanding needs of the industry for research, development and commerce. It was great to see so many familiar faces and to meet many new people also engaged in such a wide range of disciplines. The scientific talks were interesting and covering an extensive range of issues and themes.

The trade exhibition was well-presented by key stakeholders and the industry including a number of feed companies, specialists in the fish and shrimp health areas such as the Fish Vet Group and the presence of 5M publishing and Benchmark visible. I had many invaluable meetings and discussions where I learned much. It was good to catch up again with Albert Tacon and my PhD student friend and shrimp farmer Kurt Servin from Mexico and of course Michael New OBE with so much prior experience of major WAS events and a Past President. 

At the Paris Hotel I was interviewed on the future of fish nutrition research and feed technology, although this is a vast subject and difficult to do complete justice to in such a short time frame. This was my second visit to Las Vegas and most enjoyable too. Next time it will be just for the shows and with so many attractions to entice your wallet.
In this issue we have our usual news, technical articles and features with many writers and contributors providing their expert opinions on emerging trends. We obviously focus on the Aquafeed industry but increasingly include the associated feed milling engineering and feed management systems with features also bridging nutrition, health management and disease prevention through better diets.

Our regular fish species focus is a popular section and is helpful in providing regional spotlights on both traditional and novel candidate fish for culture based on various production systems. 

In this current issue, we have some very exciting features to get you in the mood for spring. As well as a report from the World Aquaculture Summit in Las Vegas, we also have an article by Dr Laxmappa, who has provided us with a very in depth discussion on Indian cage fish farming. Leiber have also been so kind as to provide us with a very informative piece on the use of brewer’s yeast in aquaculture.

Watch out for our species section too, which this month focuses on breams and carps, with a very interesting article on lobsters included in this section too. 

Our fish farming technology section features articles written from the point of view of those who are directly involved with the industry. This includes an article on RAS technology from Rob Davis at AquaBiotech, one on aeration and oxygenation from Linde Gases and a feature focussing on graders (which was a collaboration between IAF and Faivre), all of which are now essential techniques that serve only to strengthen the industry. 
This edition also has a very healthy events section where, as well as our coverage and a report of our time in Las Vegas, we have also included previews of both Aquaculture UK and Asian Pacific Aquaculture shows.  

Our interview this month is with the newly appointed president of the World Aquacultural Society, Dr Juan Pablo Lazo. In this interview IAF discussed Dr Lazo’s experiences in the aquaculture industry, and his plans and his vision for the WAS.  

Our magazine now has an excellent track record in its translation into both Chinese and Spanish, the latter covering all of Latin America where aquaculture has such a great potential. We also value our strong Chinese connections and I wish all our Chinese readers a very Happy New Year.

Please enjoy our latest edition and keep providing us with excellent information and world class leading articles for publication.

Professor Simon Davies

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International Aquafeed reflects a passion for aquafeed and excitement about new technology. Our objective is to be a respected provider of information about aquafeed in the widest sense.

Feed makes up around 70 percent of the cost of producing farmed fish. In each issue, we take an in-depth look at a wide range of technical issues associated with aquafeed production and use. We bring our readers global news about new technology and research, feed ingredients and micro-ingredients, market trends and all issues that impact on the aquafeed supply chain today and tomorrow.

We have a deep commitment to our readers and our advertisers. We believe in quality information and quality design, just as you believe in the quality of your products.



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