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Editors desk

A very busy year
Firstly, let me welcome all of our Chinese friends with a Happy New Chinese Year greeting!

We are already in the second month of 2017 and how time flies! These dark cold months are at last giving away to longer days and next month we begin to look forward to spring again and a period of renewal.

This year is going to be a very busy year for the aquaculture industry with the upcoming meeting of Aquaculture America at the end of this month in San Antonio, Texas, after 10 years and I hope to be in attendance. I am very much looking forward to US hospitality in the big state.

In June, we have the UK aquaculture event in June and also the all-important World Aquaculture WAS meeting in Cape Town in South Africa, and then onwards to the Asian Pacific meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. No doubt a wide spectrum of different species will be discussed and these conferences will bring numerous talented people together underpinning a vibrant community of scientists, technical specialists, engineers, feed companies and stake holders from all backgrounds to discuss the policy agenda for a sustainable aquaculture future - to meet our growing human population with healthy food from our rich aquatic environment, freshwater to marine and from temperate to tropical.

I continue to believe that despite the well-known criticism from many quarters, fish and shrimp farming is a significant factor in the protein supply chain and we have responsibilities to work hard together to develop new technologies, especially in the aquafeed sector, to meet these challenges. I am now very involved in working with companies with revolutionary strategies for enhancing the quality and nutrient availability, particularly in new stains of algae and insect protein concentrates post processing. It’s nice to be in demand and charting new courses through a balance between academic and industry and in an exploratory mode.

Aquaculture continues to surprise me with all the new species being evaluated for rearing, and I read that in Japan there is significant progress in closing the life cycle of the blue fish tuna, an iconic species under so much pressure in the wild. This is one example where aquaculture can offset the insatiable demand for fish and make an invaluable contribution to the global seafood agenda. Responsible fishing and aquaculture go hand in hand and this is what needs to be supported politically around the planet.

So, in this issue we have an interesting look at the idea of using feather meal as a very real alternative to fishmeal, the French company ‘Soleval’ is now offering a range of poultry proteins looking for products with the highest protein content and good digestibility. We also have AKVA sharing insights into the integral relationship between clean netting and sustainable farming, whilst Ceresco talk about the power of Electromagnetic Frequency with our regular features also, our interview this month is with the chairman of the ‘Aquaculture without Frontiers’ charity, Cliff Spencer. A well-known face in the industry and a regular contributor to both International Aquafeed and our sister publication Milling and Grain. On a similar in house note, if you head to our ‘Industry Faces’ segment towards the back you’ll meet our latest editions to the team, Zasha Whiteway-Wilkinson, Sub-editor and Matthew Muller, Industrial Editor.

In the next issue we will report back on our visit to Aquaculture America and highlight our experiences and meetings with stakeholders. The technical and scientific reports are invaluable to our magazine’s platform of knowledge so please keep articles and reports flowing so we can continue to provide the latest findings and emerging issues at the forefront of your interests.


Professor Simon Davies

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Feed makes up around 70 percent of the cost of producing farmed fish. In each issue, we take an in-depth look at a wide range of technical issues associated with aquafeed production and use. We bring our readers global news about new technology and research, feed ingredients and micro-ingredients, market trends and all issues that impact on the aquafeed supply chain today and tomorrow.

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