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Biomarine Business Convention

Biomarine Business Convention

Biomarine Business Convention



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July - August 2014

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Features in this issue include:


Editors desk

It is now high summer in England and the heat wave is on! I have been on some limited travel lately but mainly within the UK. It is somewhat surprising how much of the United Kingdom still remains outside of my experience. There are so many regions and cities to explore, and when I do eventually retire from academia I won’t be short of activities within Great Britain.

I visited Lincoln last month, one of England’ s most beautiful cathedral cities with an aspiring university and interesting specialist teaching and research in animal welfare and production but not as yet fish. Close by there are several tilapia farms based on closed system technologies and making waves for the expansion of an English Aquaculture Industry. There are plans afoot for more expansion of various species beyond shellfish to include a number of important commercial fish of high value and the British Government should be seriously addressing this issue with respect to increased fish consumption and our dependency on importation of farmed fish.

Our current issue
Turning to our current issue, we have a topical report on tilapia farming in China and a review article on the status of fish farming in the Ukraine covering many interesting developments and potential despite the unfortunate political events in this troubled region of the world.
We may need to forecast and better plan our aquaculture activities in future given the threat of global climate change and the need for risk assessment. An invaluable critique is presented towards this aim with an emphasis on El Nino events.

We explore the salmon industry further within our exert topic feature that focuses on salmon production in the USA, Chile and even New Zealand for the farming of Chinook Pacific salmon. In this regard, we are concerned about biomass control and more attention should be paid to the inventory of fish weight and density in intensive rearing of salmon.
Our regular interview feature in this issue is with Onur Emre Solak the Manager of Pharmaq Turkey who speaks about his companies’ commitment to the growing aquaculture sector in this part of the Mediterranean.

Indeed, I have hosted an ERASMUS exchange student from Turkey for the last 6 months who has been examining the incidence of deformities in hatchery produced sea bass fry with special techniques for bone density measurements. I am impressed by the quality and training of Turkish students in this area.

Of course we have a comprehensive list on news from the industry and are pleased to include a report on the Monaco Blue Initiative attended by His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II of Monaco held in Santiago, Chile recently. Many aspects of food security via aquaculture and the global health of our oceans were at the heart of the agenda. This forum has highlighted very many issues of relevance to the industry and offering a platform for dialogue, technical exchange and governance.

This latest issue is excellent reading and I trust you will find it most informative- please enjoy and keep the articles coming. Our trade magazine stands on the shoulders of the giants in the field and reflects this increasingly.

Professor Simon Davies

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International Aquafeed reflects a passion for aquafeed and excitement about new technology. Our objective is to be a respected provider of information about aquafeed in the widest sense.

Feed makes up around 70 percent of the cost of producing farmed fish. In each issue, we take an in-depth look at a wide range of technical issues associated with aquafeed production and use. We bring our readers global news about new technology and research, feed ingredients and micro-ingredients, market trends and all issues that impact on the aquafeed supply chain today and tomorrow.

We have a deep commitment to our readers and our advertisers. We believe in quality information and quality design, just as you believe in the quality of your products.



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