The 3rd World Aquaculture & Marine Biology Congress is taking place this June, in Osaka, Japan.


The congress will be taking place June 19th-20th 2019, with the theme 'Transformations in Fisheries and Aquaculture'. A variety of topics will be discussed at the two-day congress, such as aquatic science, aquaculture modelling and technologies, aquaponics, aquaculture nutrition and supplies, coastal and marine aquaculture, advances in seafood processing, open ocean aquaculture, coral reefs, limnology and much more.

The event is aimed at CEOs, Managers, Directors, professors, students, research scholars and business entrepeneurs. It serves as a brilliant way for members of the aquaculture industry to come together and network and build connections for this ever-changing industry.


A number of thrilling sessions and talks will also be delivered during the congress, which are part of ten sessions:

Session One - Aquaculture: Recent Challenges and Future Advances

Session Two -Mari Culture

Session Three - Culture, Nutrition and Feed

Session Four - Technologies and Industries in Aquaculture

Session Five - Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

Session Six - Fisheries Science and Technology

Session Seven - Industrial Aquaculture

Session Eight - Fisheries Science and Management

Session Nine - Oceanography

Session Ten - Fish Hatchery


A full congress programme will be available soon.


More information about the event is available HERE.


You can also register for the conference HERE.


Stay tuned to International Aquafeed magazine, for more updates about this event!

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